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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a Smart Water Bottle

21 Dec 2023

Are you still looking for ways to convince yourself to invest a little more money on a water bottle that you expected? Yes, if we talk about general opinion, people are going to tell you that it’s a waste of money only because it’s a temperature display bottle. However, all you need to do is ask your heart and think of your health before anything else because why not?

We all know smart water bottles are a little more expensive than common plastic water bottles, but we cannot deny the fact that plastic water bottles are not just a burden to your pocket but your environment as well. Instead, Reusable stainless steel water bottles delivering clean water and purity to your doorstep are a new trend. Before, you think I am being a bit lousier with my claim, let’s start with 5 basic reasons why you should switch to a smart water bottle from a plastic water bottle in an instant.


They keep your water cold and hot for up to 12-24 hrs.

We still remember the times when you had to keep your water bottles in the freezer every night before school to keep ice cold water the next day with you. Who still wants to continue that hassle? Obviously no one. Because we have now double wall stainless steel water bottles, can coolers and cups that can easily keep our tea and coffee hot and water cold.

Purify water Easily

If you are a regular water drinker just like many of us who wants to keep up the doctor’s advice of drinking 8-10 glass water daily, drinking clean water outside your home must be hassle for you. Carrying heavy water bottles is not a feasible solution to this problem, but a smart water bottle is. Smart Digital water bottles such as Smartflask, larq have such technologies inserted in their water bottles that can sterilize and purify your water within minutes. So, feel free to carry this lightweight water bottle, fill it with tap water, sterilize and drink your water easily.

Displays the temperature of your beverage

Digital and touch screens are involved in our daily life so effortlessly that we do not even remember the time before them. Such is the case with these water bottles. It’s just this digital screen that not only displays the temperature of your beverage but also displays the charging left, and obviously the sterilization process time too.

Drinking Reminder

Life and time now a day is getting so much occupied that you do not even remember how the day went past by or the week or even the year. If you are a working person and you also appear to face these time management issues and usually forget your health care in your busy routine. A digital water bottle is your perfect solution. This bottle not only displays temperature and sterilizes water but also provides you with a beeping reminder every few hours to remind you that your health is very important so please maintain your water intake levels too!

Reusable and Long lasting

With the upcoming environmental situation, we all need to play a significant part in keeping our environment eco-friendly and clean. Plastic water bottles are one major harmful component that we are leaving every other day in our surroundings. To avoid this waste of money and danger to society, it is most important that we must adopt alternative ways to avoid these plastic water bottles. Smart Flask are one major alternatives that can save our money in the long run and also help us save our society from plastic pollution easily!

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