Smart uvc led flask

Smart UV-C LED Flask

On your hike through the mountains or the woods, you can use your UV-C LED Water Bottle to purify the water you collect from a pool or a stream. It is challenging to guarantee that the water you obtain and consume in these remote areas is safe to drink. Water can be purified in the Smart Flask UV-C LED water bottle in just three minutes, making it ideal for emergencies.

You can use this function to quickly and easily disinfect water using LED lights. As a bonus, these "smart" water bottles feature Ultraviolet technology, which works by shining light into the water to sterilize it. In just 180 seconds, all the harmful bacteria and viruses are gone, making the water safe to drink.

This water bottle stands out from the crowd partly because of its unique design and drinking reminder technology. The upgraded bottle technology reminds you to hydrate yourself throughout the day. When you fill the bottle with water and touch the LED, it will begin to dispense water. To activate the sterilizing procedure, tap the LED-equipped cap twice. After three minutes, the water is safe to drink because it has been sterilized.

Smart Flask bottles are CE-approved water bottles with an ideal temperature to meet your needs in any given situation. This water bottle, made in China, has an 800 mAh battery and a charging voltage of 5 volts that maintains its charging for three hours. You can easily carry and store 500 ml of water, making it ideal for day hikes and other short trips where you'll have access to water. Therefore, you can forego transporting empty water bottles. Put away those cumbersome bottles and replace them with our UV-C LED Smart Flasksains.

Smart Hydration Flask

Keep yourself protected and in good health with a Smart Hydration Flask, a sustainable stainless-steel container fitted with a customized cleaner that keeps your water at the ideal temperature and quality for as long as you need it.

Specially engineered to prevent temperature loss and leaks while backpacking, these bottles include a non-slip coke-style bottom and leak-proof caps. Now is the time to ditch those cumbersome, oversize water bottles in favor of the lightweight convenience of a Smart Flask Bottle.

Lightweight, reusable, and environmentally friendly, the water bottles from Smart Flask are a brilliant new way to stay hydrated and refreshed on the go. The silicone ring, made from food-grade silicone, also maintains the water's desired temperature for an extended period. Maintaining cold water temperatures for 24 hours and hot water temperatures for 12 hours is possible. Keeping water at an ideal temperature is easier than ever with a vacuum-insulated water bottle.

The Smart Flask contains no plastic or other potentially harmful materials in its construction. It's composed entirely of bamboo, so your water won't be harmed by the chemicals around you or in the water itself. If you're worried about the state of the planet and find that plastic isn't worth the hassle, read on. The Smart Flask is the optimal option here.

Smart Hydration Flask
Smart Purifier Flask

Smart Purifier Flask

The BPA-free water bottle is ideal for a sustainable and environmentally friendly water container. You can keep using the same water bottle over and over without worrying about the environmental impact of doing so. This water bottle purifier has a user-friendly layout that makes it a breeze to maintain. Water from the sink, a stream, or the ocean will all work in the bottle.

The antibacterial-activated carbon filter incorporated in the bottle's purification mechanism eliminates harmful bacteria and other impurities, transforming the water into a drinkable state. Safely passed from the carbon filter, a second Hollow Fibre Membrane eliminates any leftover sediments, bacteria, or germs. You can avoid becoming sick from drinking contaminated water thanks to this water bottle's 99.99% purity rating when you're out in the wilderness or on a lengthy trip.

A further appealing quality of this water bottle is the ease of washing the bottle after use. Once finished, rinse the bottle with soap, leaving the filters dry. It's the simplest thing in the world!

This water filter bottle can hold a maximum of 396 gallons of water over its lifetime and can hold up to 750 ml water at a time. Since the filter element is easily interchangeable, you may use a single water bottle more. The bottle's multiple benefits and features make it easier to open and use. Quickly consume and clean up after opening. You can relax knowing that your water bottle won't leak and is safe from harmful chemicals and the use of bisphenol A (BPA).