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From Bluetooth to Biodegradable: The Latest Innovations in Smart Water Bottles

26 Apr 2023

To spare Earth from further environmental damage, the inhabitants of this planet are trying their best to come up with innovative technological gadgets like eco-friendly bottles, which can help preserve the natural phenomenon. Though time to time, the takeover by the capitalist market has immensely generated and spread out the artifacts that hold destructive and pessimist essence, like plastic water bottles. From ancient designs and material of water bottles to smart water bottles, contemporary material and designs of the object has been, in one way or another, harmful to humankind, despite they have many benefits  for the time being. 

Stainless steel bottles are converted and used as smart water bottles with on hand multiple chores to be done with the help of software, Bluetooth connection, and rechargeable battery. However, gradually humanity is reassigning towards material that is more friendly to the atmosphere, with the help of chemical reactions and innovations, like these newly introduced biodegradable water bottles. 

Biodegradable water bottles are manufactured with plastic-like material but can decompose easily and quickly on their own with time and cannot be reused. Self-cleaning and thermos drink bottles are reusable water bottles, allowing the user to be accommodated for a long time while recleaning and refilling. 

Smart purification Flasks are claimed to be eco-friendly bottles because they can turn stream, lake, etc. water types into a drinkable and consumable according to the customized need of the consumer. Nonetheless, biodegradable water bottles carry a plastic-like material of a certain ph number that is easily absorbed by the surrounding natural environment. 

Despite the material used in making them, like stainless steel and biodegradable plastic bottle, they are both leakproof water bottles free from chemicals and BPA, which are used in water bottles and are harmful to human health. 

 Eco water bottles are mostly available in white water bottles. Still, on the other hand,  smart Flasks are manufactured as colorful water bottles or mostly black and pink water bottles. To cope with the needs of the contemporary era, smart water bottles offer many diverse functions like leaving hydration alerts, playing music, keeping up the fixed or customized temperature, self-cleaning options, getting connected with an application present in any gadget like a smartwatch, and smartphone, etc. and tracking the water intake of the user. On the contrary, biodegradable water bottle only carries the option of self-decomposition, which result in the complete disappearance of a water bottle from Earth. 

The future of water bottles is vivid like a mashup version of biodegradable and smart water bottles can be expected, which will provide multiple options to its user and can disappear after a particular time. These biodegradable water bottles are yet available on a limited area scale in America, and it needs to enhance their working and production before the globe is filled with plastic, rubber, and stainless steel waste material.  

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