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Introducing the Smart Flask:Your Personal Hydration Assistant

10 May 2023

It is better to take around an eco-friendly water bottle but as living and being a part of a fast-paced contemporary era it is advised to have a smart water bottle, though as a matter of fact, they both are made up of stainless steel.

The world has witnessed an unexpected climatic change for the past few years. Most of the globe is occupied by heat waves and unusually warm weather, so it is easier for humans and living beings to suffer from the symptoms of dehydration.

To solve and avoid this health hazard and end up getting hospitalized, many smart water bottles operate based on keeping the consumer safe and protected from the deficiency of water or liquid in the human body. That's why smart water bottles have many benefits compared to traditional water bottles.

Hydration assistant                           

Smart Hydration Flask

Smart Flasks can also be called hydration assistants; these virtual assistants track the consumer's water. Hydration bottles are made of stainless steel and operated with the help of batteries, which are inserted and installed within the bottles.

They are also recharged time-to-time with the help of battery cells, USB cables, or solar energy. Hydration reminder bottles can be preferred during outdoor routine visits or activities for many reasons. They must do more than leave reminders for the expected water intake.

Still, they can also maintain a fixed temperature and constantly purify the water or liquid for longer while being portable and easily carried away. 

How does it work?

The stainless steel flask has a lid, which is either UV, UV-C or LED. These lids either notify the user directly or use the linked software application installed in the smartphone or any other smart device.

These cool water bottles are also manufactured with multiple sensors like light sensors, accelerometers etc. Light sensors can detect the presence of light to proceed with the day and night cycle, and an accelerometer notices the flow of water while detecting water intake.

Some smart water bottles even offer the consumer to set customizable reminders of hydration alerts.

Other tasks

They come along as self-cleaning water bottles; however, most water bottles that run on batteries need to be recharged after a specific time, like a minimum of within a day or after a few hours and a maximum of six months.

Aside from them, the bottles can also filter and purify the water to turn it into a drinkable liquid. The designs and functioning of the hydration reminder water bottle vary and depend on the model and posture of the bottle. Some water bottles blink the lights, play customizable music or any tune, or remove the odor from the water. They can easily manage to keep the specific temperature of water or liquid longer while displaying it along with the hydration alerts.

To be precise, smart flasks are also treated as hydration assistance which constantly leaves notifications for the consumer for the intake of water at least a sip.

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