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Elevate Your Flask's Functionality with These Smart Accessories

08 May 2023

Enhancing the working and functionality of any simple product can be altered by adding or modifying a few parts, like a small bottle of water that can be turned into a Smart Flask with the help of a few advanced accessories.

According to the research, yearly, many human beings are directly and indirectly affected by consuming unclean and contaminated water, or in the worst cases, they suffer from dehydration.

To cope with this scenario, there are many affordable and less expensive water bottles, which, apart from carrying water from one place to another, fulfill other activities like purifying and filtering the water, etc. 

In the contemporary era, big water bottle comes with multiple technically advanced specifications like LED displays, hydration alerts, Bluetooth, internet connectivity, keeping up the liquid's fixed temperature, and providing customized setting for the water bottle.

However, the specifications of smart water bottles can be incurred in a simple bottle of water by changing its simple lid into a UV-C or LED lid and the straw into a purifier or filter, etc. 

Bottle lid                                             

bottle lid

The structure and design of most of the best water bottles are similar, so instead of drinking contaminated water or taking it from a nearby stream or lake, they face the consequences. It is better to replace the bottle lid with UV or UV-C cover, as it can disinfect microorganisms and some bacteria from the water and turn it into a drinkable liquid.

Nevertheless, switching from a simple lid of stainless steel flask to a LED lid can abruptly infuse multiple functions and options regarding the water bottle. LED lids are applicable for water and warm drinks like coffee, tea, etc. These bottle lids are waterproof, leaving hydration alerts for the consumer while keeping and displaying the fixed and customized temperature for a longer.

These UV-C and LED lids come with rechargeable batteries that help them perform their tasks. They come with portable USB cables to recharge their batteries, or some use solar energy to get recharged. 


A simple portable straw is an incredible choice for drinks like juice, coffee, tea, milkshake, etc. However, it is ineffective and should be avoided when carried as a water bottle because it can not react in any way against microorganisms, minimalistic living beings, or other impurities in water.

So, when it comes to water intake, it is better to replace it with a water cleaner or filter. The filtration system can remove the tiny and minimalistic particles of soil, rock, clay, and some bacteria. On the other hand, a purifier bottle can remove most of the viruses and bacteria from the water. Filter and purifiers are also available to disinfect the water and make it drinkable ultimately.  

Apart from these two examples, many other accessories can be used with multiple same-size smart water bottles, accompanied by freebies, which help function smart water bottles. 

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