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Smart water bottle vs. traditional water bottle which is best?

14 Apr 2023

Whether from an earlier era or the present, water intake has always been a priority for humans. For this purpose, they keep coming up with the latest possible cups, bottles, and other utensils that can purify and keep the water drinkable for extended periods, whether they are made of clay water bottles and utensils, stainless steel water bottles, plastic water bottles, BPA-free water bottles, stainless steel bottles, or smart water bottles. 

Traditional water bottles vs. Smart water bottles:

Listening to the word classic reminds humans of old times; however, other than deep chronicles focusing on lately utilized water bottles. The water bottles which are considered traditional are explained and compared with the multiple types of smart flasks, also known as best bottles.

In the first place, plastic water bottles, glass water bottles, reusable water bottles and simple stainless steel bottles were used, but with immediate and abrupt technological progress, drinking flasks, glass water bottles, and collapsible water bottles are also being lined up to be purchased and used by the approximately 8 billion human beings alive. 

Clay water bottles and smart water bottles:

Clay water bottles are manufactured and used with red soil and water or river clay on a potter's wheel. These ingredients and processes make them eco-friendly bottles.

These remarkable water bottles are portable and purify water while using a natural process. They have multiple advanced features. They can even keep the water cold for a more extended period, despite the few precautionary measures to be taken to work this type of bottle better.

On the other hand, smart water bottles do not need specific preventive measures and keep the customized water temperature longer. Furthermore, they are also capable of being purification bottles. Clay water bottles are natural water purifier bottles, whereas intelligent water bottles are artificial. 

Plastic water bottles and smart water bottles:

Human beings used plastic water bottles at the end of the 20th century, as it is said to avoid the excessive use of anything. Excessive use of plastic water bottles can create the issue of disposal, which can further generate an environmental hazard.

According to Sustainability Victoria reports, Australians buy almost 15 billion plastic bottles yearly, many of which end up in landfills or our waterways. So, these advanced smart water bottles are also a solution to stop the increasing rate of plastic waste.

Apart from that, these colourful water bottles are flexible and durable. However, barrels of crude oil are used yearly in the manufacturing process of plastic water bottles. Nevertheless, smart water bottles are BPA-free bottles that can save consumers from the expected plastic intake while sublimating the water.

Though both water bottles are lightweight and easy to carry, a smart water bottle can also remind the customer to take water to maintain the user's hydration level.  

Simple stainless steel water bottles and smart water bottles:

These simple black water bottles did not offer the advanced tech features of smart water bottles, although both are made of stainless steel. Simple stainless steel flask reusable water bottles might keep the fixed water temperature for a more extended time.

Still, temperature water bottles contain innovative features that allow users to customize the water temperature through an LED display on the water flask or by using the software application connected to the bottle. Some of the simple thermos drink bottles offer a cap cover, which can be helpful while drinking the water, and the bottle is perfect as an office bottle.

On the contrary, this smart water bottle provides the option for collapsible water bottles. Collapsible water bottles are lighter to carry around, but they can be curled up and are the least spacious. 

Glass water bottles and smart water bottles:

A glass water bottle is a perfect choice for carrying a fancy and colourful water bottle, but this water bottle does not show any reaction to water hoarded inside.

Then again, smart water bottles are also available in many simple colors but with variant designs, allowing the user to customize the interior and exterior settings. An extra coating of silicon sleeves is being applied to protect glass water bottles, but smart black bottles do not need an additional layer for security purposes. 

Collapsible water bottle and smart water bottle:

The 21st century is all about creating unusual and innovative gadgets. These two types of bottles are an example of the human obsession with turning ideas into reality.

Collapsible water bottles are simple to resize and reshape according to user needs. This makes it be considered as hiking bottles, sports water bottles, travel bottles, cycling bottles, and camping bottles.

However, smart water bottles have multiple smart options, including playing music, making them hydration reminder bottles, and more.

Over time, technology has evolved, and this is also depicted in the daily appliances. Traditional water bottles were upgraded versions of the past, but smart water bottles are updated editions of the present.

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