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Smart Water Bottles for Travel: Making Hydration Easier

30 May 2024

Water is a liquid that has such love hate relationship with human beings that cannot be denied. You can never get enough of water if its summer but it sometimes gets very difficult to keep up with hydration levels in winters. Low levels of hydration are also very dangerous for your health as it not only affects your kidneys but dulls your body, face and impact other internal functions too. If you have an abnormal water intake, whether its high or low, it will eventually cause you some sort of distress. Therefore, doctors most likely suggest at least 15 cups for water intake for men and at least 11-12 cups of water for women.

Smart Water Bottles for Travel

Digital Technology in Reusable water bottles

Staying 100% hydrated while travelling places is one such difficult task that most of the people usually fail to perform especially if they are permanent travelers who stay in a car and live across the beaches and mountains. The risk of drinking impure water also become a habit for these people as well. Well, for that very reason science and digital technology is one best friend of these people. Smart digital bottles such as Smart UVC LED Flask introduced by Smartflask in Australia is the best tech bottle to encounter the human needs of meeting hydration levels with pure water as it kills germs in water up to 99.99%.

Sapphire Blue Smart UV-C LED Flask

Features of Reusable and Digital water bottles

Smart flasks are a game changer gadget for travelers who prioritize their health but also wants convenience and functionality in their life instantly. If you are one such traveler, you might also be hesitant in buying these smart bottles because you think you will just continuously be charging them just like your cell phones. Well it’s not the case for all these smart bottles. Smart Purifier Flask introduced by Smartflask, although Smart in nature, includes a portable Filter that can be replaced with Straw if needed. This filter is such heavenly product because it does not involve any charging or recharging issues. The filter when attached, can easily and instantly purify the water from germs for up to 99.99% for you. Whether it’s a tap water, water from stream or any other clear water but you are hesitant to drink it on your travel adventures.

Smart Water Bottle

Smart Jumbo Tumblers: The New Guy in water Town

It’s not the bottles that are a trend but some Big Stanley tumblers have also been a source of spark and discussion among youngsters today. These Tumblers are somehow considered even more handy and easy to use as compared to the water bottles. Not only does these tumblers have high insulation technology that keeps the beverages hot and cold up to 12 hrs, but they also have a handle and a straw to make them even more popular among the hikers and gym freaks. Whether you are a morning bird and need your hot pipping coffee in the morning even before speaking a word, or if you are as a chill a person as your Iced Latte, Smart Jumbo Tumblers have got you covered.     

Baby Blue Smart Jumbo Tumbler

Say No to Plastic water bottles

We are living in 2024, but do you still prefer single use plastic water bottles over carrying your own water bottle to places? If yes, you must stop harming your environment with those piling sacks of plastic water bottles and live your life germ free with carrying your bottle filled with clean water.  Why? Because it is a general estimation that almost 77% of plastic water bottles are not recycled and therefore, if you buy one single reusable water bottle, you can cut the cost of 120 plastic bottles a year. Is that not a better idea? All you need to do is buy a Smart Hydration Flask and save your environment and your money big time. These durable and portable lightweight water bottles will definitely become essential tool in your life before you even realize.

Orchid Pink Smart Hydration Flask

So, calling out all the crazy travelers out there and telling them that you are missing big time and compromising on your health by not buying and using Smart water bottles. Say goodbye to hydration stress and give chance to a new hassle free hydration technology in your life to make your travel adventures wholesome and stress free.

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