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What Are The Benefits And Importance Of Reusable Water Bottles?

27 Jun 2024

Like millions of other Australians, do you also think buying a plastic water bottle over a reusable water bottle is hassle-free? This question has not been specifically asked because we want you to save your one or 2$ but because it is more important to save a planet than a penny. The debate of using reusable water bottles or plastic water bottles is quite a concern today between nature lovers and eco-friendly people because using reusable water bottles is more of a necessity than a trend now. Let's have a look at the significant reasons why we need to shift our interest from one-time usable plastic water bottles to reusable water bottles.

1.  Existence Of Chemical Substances And Carcinogens In Australian Water

In recent times, you must have come across the news of the availability of abnormal levels of chemical substances in Sydney water. Some people believe it is also a matter that involves the government and its schemes while others believe the news is fake. However, in any case it not the authorities that are impacted by this debate. It is the health and life of a layman that is at stake. Smart purifier flasks and bottles are typically made from BPA Free plastic materials or stainless steel that is much safer to use. Recently, new types of filter water bottles have been used that involve an extra purifier with the straw that purifies your water from any harmful substances before you sip it.  If you are looking to shift from plastic bottles to such reusable bottles, this might be a good option to consider.

2.  Boiling water before drinking every time is tough

In a recent debate under Sydney Water’s Instagram post, many people stated that due to the arising concerns of having harmful chemical substances in water, they boil their drinking water. As much as we like the idea, however, it seems practically impossible. On top of having a busy work-sleep routine it gets very difficult at times to consider boiling. It seems time consuming and a hassle to most people. Instead of boiling water every time you have to drink, make a one time investment on a smart reusable bottle and enjoy the benefits of water bottle easily. If you are very peculiar about the cleanliness of your water, Smart UVC LED Flask might help. This digital water bottle has a 3-minute sterilization process that kills 99.99% germs in 180 secs easily.

3.  Environmental Impact

Human beings have been one of the most significant contributors of every type of pollution that exists so far. Plastic water bottles that we all buy every day, are one major source of polluting the environment and the water as well, which not only harms the nature but natural habitat of animals as well. Each one of us is responsible to play our important role in keeping our environment clean and do not harm the life of other organisms. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we start using smart purifier bottles that are BPA free in nature and also purify water to drink easily.

4.  Convenience, Versatility and Cost effective

While we all think that plastic water bottles are cheap as compared to reusable water bottles and they are easy to carry, we must know that health comes at a cost. We cannot continue with plastic water bottles knowing that they are not good for us in the long run as compared to reusable water bottles. The yearly estimate of plastic water bottles cost is way more than the price of one reusable water bottle. Similarly, good reusable water bottles come in a variety of sizes based on your needs to choose from. If you are a mom of a school going kid, you cannot buy them a plastic water bottle daily. It would be a wise decision to buy a mini water bottle for your little one. Nowadays smart water bottles are also designed to maintain the temperature of the beverage for up to 12 hrs., which sounds like an unbreakable deal as well!

5.  The Remarkable Benefits of Reusable Water Bottles

The benefits and importance of reusable water bottles are clear. They offer substantial environmental advantages, health benefits, cost savings, and convenience, while also supporting broader sustainability efforts. In places like Australia, where environmental concerns are particularly pressing, making the switch to a reusable water bottle can make a significant impact. So, whether you're looking for a mini water bottle for your child or the best reusable water bottle for your daily needs, remember that this small change can lead to big benefits for both you and the planet.

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