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What’s the Difference - Travel Mugs VS Tumblers

04 Jul 2024

Have you seen the recently surfacing video of a Stanley Insulated tumbler recovered completely fine with chilled water and ice cubes from a car that was completely burnt? Yes, that big mug, also known as a quencher, became a new trend for the hydrating community. Well, even if you are not much of a bottle or tumbler person, you must have seen your favorite bloggers picking and using such travel mugs and tumblers.

Travel Mugs and Jumbo Tumblers might sound like two different names for one common thing or the same name for two different things. If you are a new buyer to the field of drinkware, surely these both are popular options to choose and invest in, but one must know the difference between the two so that they can decide easily what to buy. Let's have a look at both of their features below to help you finalize your needs and which cup better fits them.

What is a Travel Mug?

A travel mug is a cylindrical stainless steel cup designed to hold cold and hot beverages. It is a go-to item for people who love hot coffee and tea and are constantly on the move.

Features of a travel mug

  1. Double wall insulation Technology

Travel mugs are used to drink hot beverages like coffee and tea because they include double-wall insulation. This way, the best coffee mugs are good at holding and maintaining the temperature of their beverage for a long period of time, such as 8 to 12 hours.

2.      Handle and Lid

Travel mugs have a screw-on lid and a handle. A handle helps prevent hot drink spills and makes it easy to carry the mug.

3.      Size

Travel mugs usually have a smaller capacity, such as 12oz or 16oz, compared to Jumbo tumblers; they. However can be considered more portable and lightweight, making them easy to carry anywhere.

What is a Tumbler?

Tumblers, in accessible language, can be called big mugs with straws and a handle sometimes. Tumblers are usually used to drink cold beverages. Tumblers also come with stainless steel and double wall insulation features to maintain the temperature of their drinks as well. 


Features of Stainless Steel Tumblers

1.  Variety:

Tumblers come in various shapes and sizes, including "1L jumbo tumblers," which are perfect for those who need a larger capacity, and small tumblers, such as 20oz tumblers, which are easy to carry. Tumblers can also vary in terms of the material used to create them. Some are made of stainless steel, while others are made of BPA–free plastic.

2.  Lids and Straws:

While some tumblers have lids, they might not be as spill-proof as travel mugs. Smart Jumbo tumblers come with straws, making them great for cold beverages such as lemon soda and coffee. You can even fill a tumbler with cold water and take it with you anywhere.

3.  Insulation:

Insulated tumblers can also keep drinks at the desired temperature, though the insulation might not be as robust as travel mugs.

4.  Design:

Tumblers often have a sleeker design and can be used in different settings, from the office to the gym.

Tumbler vs. Travel Mug: Things to Consider

When it comes to finding the best Travel mugs or jumbo tumblers in Australia, there might be some essential features that you would like to consider, compare, and then choose:

1.  Insulation: It is essential to quickly review the features of the mug/tumbler you are buying. Find the feature "double wall insulation" to know you are buying the right product to keep the temperature of your beverages ideal.

2.  Design: Decide and look for the product style you choose. If you are looking for a kid's tumbler, it must have the desirable design; if you choose something to keep with you during your gym or office routine, you must look for a more aesthetic and decent design tumbler according to your personality.

3.  Material: It is important to choose Stainless steel tumblers because they are more durable and odor-resistant. Considering the features of stainless steel, we believe Smart Jumbo Tumblers from Smart Flask might be your right tumbler!

Travel Mug Vs. Tumblers: Choose Wisely

Now comes the critical question: which one is better? Well, it's easy; the Travel mug is a good option if you are a hot beverage lover, such as tea or coffee. Smart Jumbler might be the right choice if you are more of an iced coffee lover or someone who needs their juices or shakes in more significant proportions. Similarly, one big difference between a tumbler and a travel mug is the handle. Travelers almost always have a handle to carry them, whereas tumblers never have a handle. You can look at some famous brands' designs for both of these products and decide to buy what you like.

Smart Jumbo Tumblers: An exception from mugs and Tumblers

Smart Jumbo Tumblers, introduced by SmartFlask, resembles a combination of travel mugs and tumblers. They hold a 1L capacity and come with a handle, a lid, and a straw. The stainless steel tumblers can keep your cold/hot beverage's temperature maintained for up to 10-12 hrs. You can look at these tumblers if you are also looking for a product that combines the features of both travel mugs and steel tumblers. Whether searching for the best coffee tumbler for your morning commute or water-cooling tumbler to keep with you during hikes in Australia, Smartflask has got you covered.

Both travel mugs and tumblers have unique advantages. Travel mugs are perfect for hot drinks and commuting, while tumblers are versatile and great for various beverages. You can choose the container that best suits your needs by understanding the differences. If you are still confused, you can simply explore Smart Flask's range of tumblers to find the perfect match for your lifestyle.

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